Fishing has always been an important part of Hundested Harbour’s DNA. From the construction of the first tire mill in 1982, the fishermen lived in Hundested.

Hundested Harbour was once one of Zealand’s largest and most important ports, with more than 100 resident fishing vessels. Today there are only a handful of fishing vessels left.

Another known company at Hundested Harbour is O.V. Jorgensen.

O.V. Jørgensen has since 1935 organized sales from the fishermen and sold fresh fish from inland Danish waters at home and to the European markets.

In addition to fish exports, O.V. Jørgensen also own ice cream, which supplies ice cream to other fishing companies and industries with cooling needs around Zealand.

Bunker service

Hundested Marina is always ready to help ships with fuel. The port’s bunker service is available by truck. If you want bunker service, we ask them to give notice at least 24 hours before ETA / call.

Electricity and Water

There is connection to electricity and water from all the harbour’s sea bridges.

The electric stands are operated via Port cards, which are drawn in the service machine at the harbour office at the center mill or in the service building at Sydhavn. Freight ships in the traffic harbor must contact Hundested Marina for electricity.

Disposal of Slop Oil

Delivery of slopolie must be done by contacting Hundested habour at least 24 hours before collection via

Oil and chemical waste are collected by tanker and delivered to the environmental station. Machine runners, tank rinse water and dirty ballast water are collected with a vacuum cleaner. Minor amounts of oily waste (<1m3) are placed on the quay in their own packaging or poured into the requested drum. However, by arrangement with the port. Packaging is not returned.

Customs Clearance

SKAT, Customs guidance

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